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Day 1: Monday 13 December


8:00-8.45 - Registration

8.45-9.00 - Opening remarks by the conference chair Prof. Gerry Parr

9:00-10:00 - Keynote speech by Prof. Sumi Helal

10:00-10:30 - Break

Session 1: Sensor Application Programming Paradigms


Wireless Sensors Solution for Energy Monitoring, Analyzing, Controlling and Predicting

Marius Marcu, Cristina Stangaciu, Alexandru Topirceanu, Daniel Volcinschi, Valentin Stangaciu


Policy-driven tailoring of sensor networks

Nelson Matthys, Christophe Huygens, Danny Hughes, Jo Ueyama, Sam Michiels, Wouter Joosen


Session 2: Novel Sensor Applications



Integration of Terrain Image Sensing with UAV Safety Management Protocols

Timothy Patterson, Sally McClean, Gerard Parr, Philip Morrow, Luke Teacy, Jing Nie


A Study on the Wireless Onboard Monitoring System for Railroad Vehicle Axle Bearings Using the SAW Sensor

Jaehoon Kim, K.-S. Lee, J.-G. OH

12:30-14:00 - Lunch


Session 3: Sensor Network Middleware


Middleware for Adaptive Group Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks

Klaas Thoelen, Sam Michiels, Wouter Joosen


A Middleware Framework for the Web Integration of Sensor Networks

Herve Paulino, Joao Ruivo Santos


15:00-15:15 - Break


Session 4: Sensor Network Middleware


Expressing and Configuring Quality of Service in Multi-purpose Wireless Sensor Networks

Pedro Javier del Cid, Daniel Hughes, Sam Michiels, Wouter Joosen


A Lightweight Component-based Reconfigurable Middleware Architecture and State Ontology for Fault Tolerant Embedded Systems

Jagun Kwon, Stephen Hailes


Distributed Context Models in Support of Ubiquitous Mobile Awareness Services

Jamie Walters, Theo Kanter, Roger Norling


18:00-19:00 Cocktail Reception


Day 2: Tuesday 14 December

Session 1: Trust, Security and Privacy


SeDAP: Secure Data Aggregation Protocol in Privacy aware Wireless Sensor Networks

Alberto Coen Porisini, Sabrina Sicari


A Centralized Approach for Secure Location Verification in Wireless Sensor Networks

Abbas Ghebleh, Maghsoud Abbaspour, Saman Homayounnejad


How secure are secure localization protocols in WSNs

Cherifa Boucetta, Mohamed-Ali Kaafar, Marine Minier


10:30-11:00 - Break


Session 2: Wireless Sensor Network Management and Monitoring


DANTE: a video based annotation tool for smart environments

Federico Cruciani, Mark Donnelly, Chris D Nugent, Guido Parente, Cristiano Paggetti, William Burns


Pro-active Strategies for the Frugal Feeding Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks

Elio Velazquez, Nicola Santoro, Mark Lanthier


Integrating WSN simulation into workflow testing and execution

Duarte A Vieira, Francisco Martins


12:30-14:00 - Lunch


Session 3: Sensor Application Development Support Systems


Revisiting Human Activity Frameworks

Eunju Kim, Sumi Helal

Deriving Relationships between Physiological Change and Activities of Daily Living using Wearable Sensors

Shuai Zhang, Leo Galway, Sally I McClean, Bryan W Scotney, Dewar Finlay, Chris D Nugent


15:00-15:15 - Closing remarks