Day 1: Monday 7 September

8:00-8.45 - Registration

8.45-9.00 - Opening remarks by the conference chairs Prof. Stephen Hailes and Dr. Sabrina Sicari

9:00-10:00 - Keynote speech by Prof. Kay Römer

10:00-10:30 - Break

Session 1: Novel Applications (chair: Kay Römer)

A Large-Scale Wireless Network Approach for Intelligent and Automated Meter Reading of Residential Electricity
by Juan Pablo Vinuela, Jose Ignacio Moreno, Victor Custodio

Turn-based gesture interaction in mobile devices
by Sanna Kallio

Session 2: Modelling and Performance Evaluation (Chair Daniele Miorandi)

11:30-12:00 Accurate Analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 Slotted CSMA/CA over the Real-Time Wireless Sensor Network
by Huang Wen Tzeng, Lin Jing Ting

12:00-12:30 Coordinated Sleeping for Beaconless 802.15.4-based Multihop Networks
by A.G. Ruzzelli, A.Schoofs, G.M.P.O’Hare, M.Aoun, P. van der Stok


Session 3: Trust, Security and Privacy (chair: Steve Hailes)

Weak Process Models for Attack Detection in a Clustered Sensor Network using Mobile Agents

by Marco Pugliese, Annarita Giani, Fortunato Santucci

Key Establishment using Group Information for Wireless Sensor Networks
by Bill Claycomb

15:00-15:15 - Break

Session 4:Self-organisation (chair: George Roussos)

Energy-aware Dynamic Route Management for THAWS
by Chong Shen, Sean Harte, Emanuel Popovici, Brendan O’Flynn, John Barton

All Roads Lead to Rome: Data Highways for Dense Wireless Sensor Networks
by Daniele Miorandi, David Lowe

Sensor Data Fusion for Activity Monitoring in Ambient Assisted Living Environments
by Michele Amoretti, Folker Wientapper, Francesco Furfari, Stefano Lenzi, Stefano Chessa

17:00-19:00 Social Event

20:00 Social Dinner

Day 2: Tuesday 8 September

Session 1: Programming Sensor Networks (chair: Gianluca Dini)

A Code Generator for Distributing Sensor Data Models
by Urs Hunkeler, Paolo Scotton

ProSe: A Programming Tool for Rapid Prototyping of Sensor Networks
by Mahesh Arumugam, Sandeep Kulkarmi

Integer-based Optimisations for Resource-constrained Sensor Platforms
by Michael Zoumboulakis, George Roussos

10:30-11:00 – Break

Session 2: Prototype and Testbeds (chair: Alexandre Guitton)

Trade-off Analysis of a MAC Protocol for Wireless e-Emergency Systems
by Jose Afonso, Oscar Gama, Paulo Mendes,Paulo Carvalho

Physical Characterization of Acoustic Communication Channel Properties in Underwater Mobile Sensor Networks
by Andrea Caiti, Emanule Crisostomi, Andrea Munafò

An Underwater Robotic Network for Monitoring Nuclear Waste Storage Pools
by Sarfraz Nawaz, Muzammil Hussain, Niki Trigoni

12:30-14:00 – Lunch

Session 3: Modelling and performance evaluation (chair: Sabrina Sicari)

Analysis of channel access delay of slotted CSMA/CA in a WSN
by Alexander Guitton, Nassima Hadid

Evaluation of the Impact of the Topology and Hidden Nodes in the Performance of a ZigBee Network

by Helena Fernandez –Lopez, Pedro Macedo, Jose Afonso, Higino Correia, Ricardo Simoes

A Forward & Backward Secure Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks for PCS/SCADA
by Hani Alzaid , DongGook Park, Juan M Gonzales Nieto, Collin Boyd , Ernest Foo

15:30-15:45 - Closing remarks