Keynote Speaker

From Sensor Networks to the Web of Things

by Prof. Kay Römer


The increasing penetration of the real world with embedded and globally networked sensors enables the formation of a Web of Things, where Web representations of real-world entities (e.g., places, objects, creatures) are enriched with real-time and high-level state information derived from embedded sensors. In such a future Web of Things, one may use his favorite search engine to find a closeby supermarket with a short waiting queue at the cashier or a night club which is currently well-attended, for example.
This talk is concerned with the software infrastructure that is required to realize such a Web of Things. In particular, we will discuss a key service of such an infrastructure: searching for entities with a certain current real-world state. This is a challanging problem due to the dynamic nature of the sought state information and due to the potentially huge scale of a future Web of Things.

Author biography

Kay Römer is currently an associate professor of computer science at the Institute for Computer Engineering of University of Luebeck, Germany. After completing his studies in computer science at University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany in 1999, he joined ETH Zurich as a research assistant, where he obtained his PhD in 2005 with a thesis on Wireless Sensor Networks. From 2005 to 2009 he led the research activities related to Wireless Sensor Networks in the Distributed Systems Group at ETH Zurich. Kay Roemer's current research interests encompass networked embedded systems, in particular Wireless Sensor Networks, Pervasive Computing, and the Internet of Things. He has published numerous articles on these topics at leading conferences in his field, served as a program co-chair of scientific conferences and workshops (EWSN 2006, IEEE SUTC 2008), directed international summer schools (Dagstuhl 2005, BiCi 2009), and is currently serving as an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.